This is my youngest and only son having his first haircut. I need to carry him because he can't keep still that he  jumped from the baby chair gladly I got hold of him. He grabbed the comb and threw it away, pulled the attendant's apron, and he had always looked at the scissors. It took an hour for us to finish because we needed to stop everytime he started crying. But right after we're finished, my boy kept on laughing when he saw his image from the mirror. I think he liked his new look. Me, I liked it so much, not to mention that the parlor gave him a whole year of free haircut.

This is my daughter Helenia (in blue) and niece Chelsea enjoying the waters of their kiddie pool. I had a hard time filling it up because the tap is nowhere near that it took me an hour to finish. But seeing the girls excited and satisfied made me forgot being tired. Happy Watery Wednesday!


Taken this photo while we're on our way to Baguio, passing by Naguilian Road. Though the trip was long and tiring, we still enjoyed it because of the cool weather. For more Looking at the sky on Friday entries, please click this. Happy weekend everyone!

mommy moments

My daughter Helenia loves art; in fact she started making shapes and stick figures when she was 3 years old. I can’t remember how many boxes of crayon I had bought because every time she breaks them, I buy new ones. I really wish I have an artist in the making! Her she is, showing her works..

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I'm here for another Thankful Thursday post. 

Last October 21, 2010 as I was bloghopping, I came to visit the Nuffnang site and found out that through Nuffnang, DKNY Philippines is giving away 50 DKNY Be Delicious Sample Fragrances and Lotions to Nuffnangers who want to join the Delicious Core Club and design their own Be Delicious bottle. I was lucky that the form to be filled up appeared exactly during the time that I was on Nuffnang site. Then On October 26, I saw my name included in the list of the the first 50 Nuffnangers who will get one (1) DKNY Be Delicious Deluxe Sample Fragrance and also one (1) DKNY Be Delicious Lotion for free! On October 28, I came to Nuffnang’s office and claimed these:

I thank God for the wonders that He's been giving me. God bless us all.


My baby monkey trying on his Trick or Treat costume. Though it was a bit cloudy and it rained, the kids still had so much fun trick or treatin'.