In the past, I had been through a lot of rough times. I loved, cried, got broken, loved again and was caught up between family values and incompatibility, then got separated when I found the strength to leave him. I was lost when I lost my mom. I started to worry about money to pay the bills and the mortgage. I was afraid the bank will take over my house. But I never gave up and never stopped being thankful for all that I had.
I am thankful that I got four kids and that they’re always in good health. I may never be always there beside them but I had faith in God and I entrusted them to Him, to guide them and keep them safe.
I am thankful that although I came from a poor family, my parents raised me well and they’re always there even when I did something stupid. I am thankful that they gave me a brother and a sister that even though we were like cats and dogs when we we’re young; they turned out to be my best friends.
There’s really so much in life to be thankful for and I’m glad that I found this meme that through this, I can bring up the good things in life that God has given me. Every week, I’ll be looking forward to think of the things that I am truly thankful for and share them with the world. I truly believed that God is always there because things in my life are starting to go right again.


gemini said...

Yes, so much really and sometimes we feel we don't deserved all His blessings, but let us all be thankful always. Bless you this TT and the days to come.

pam said...

It is a wonderful meme isn't it. It spurs me on to really think about even the littlest things or even the hardest things to thank Him for. Hope your weekend is grand!

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