Here's my entry for this week. Shot during a dinner at San Diego Restaurant at Club Punta Fuego Inc.. 

Punta Fuego is the country's pioneer in seaside developments. Located in Nasugbu, Batangas, it has the conveniences of modern facilities and diverse dining outlets. San Diego on the other hand, was named after a ship that sailed past the overlooking waters of Punta Fuego some 400 years ago.

As an exclusive resort, only members and their guests are privileged to enjoy the club's facilities and amenities. Lucky for me I work here. For more Watery Wednesday entries, please click here. 


Janis said...

Love it, would love to dine there, looks like a nice place!

2sweetnsaxy said...

Actually, after having coffee this morning I wish I could reach into this photo and grab one of those glasses of water.

Ann said...

Attracted to you surrounded by sisters, how many sister do you have?

I have 5

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